Day 9 in Japan

Today was my last day in Japan. We would like to visit the memorial building of 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Sendai. We left the hotel at 8.00. Unfortunately, the building was closed since it was Monday. Anyway, we went to another location, the Arahama Elementary School.

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Day 8 in Japan

The Reborn Art Festival in Ishinomaki was held today. The first location of the festival that we visited was Kamidasaki, the old style of Japanese house belonged to Akita’s family. This 80-years old house was survived from the earthquake and tsunami happened in 2011. Extraordinarily, this house has every detail in its part, such as the way of glass used for windows, artistic woods used for ventilation, et cetera. This historical house has 100-years old garage too. It keeps goods and antique items belonged to the family. In addition, various plants and flowers grow within its vast garden.

The second location, Reborn Art House, is occupied by 100 residents. Due to this festival, this apartment became as a headquarter for the festival committee to conduct a meeting or to have lunch. There would be 6-7 residents volunteering themselves each day. The exhibition displayed in this building amazed me pretty well. There were a mirror room containing silver balloons floated by the special fan. Moreover, the room changed its colour periodically. Sugoi naah!!!

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Day 7 in Japan

We left the hotel at 08.00 and headed to Ishinomaki. It was raining but we kept going to the office of Ishinomaki Children Newspaper. At the location, we were asked to bake Zenda, the sweet traditional cake of Japan. Then, we were interviewed by Yui chan. She was so “kawai” (cute). In the office, we also met Hiroko, the senior journalist among children there. He ever flew to Thailand to volunteer himself in Red Cross Organisation. Meanwhile, there were juniors attending the schedule, Keichiro kun and Shotaro kun. Keichiro had published a publication of tomato farm in the Miyagi prefecture.

This office has a restaurant on the second floor, Resilience Bar. We had spaghetti and pizza for lunch. On the first floor of the office, there was historical newspaper displaying the recent information of the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

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